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    Godox SL-60W Led


      • LIGHT X1
      • POWER CORD X1
      • LIGHT HOOD X1
      • BAG X1
      • REMOTE X1
      • SOFT BOX X1
      • HONEY COMB X1
      • SAFTY CAP X1
    • A versatile constant light source well-suited for video work, this SL-60 LED Light from Godox is a daylight-balanced, 5600K light featuring a COB (chip on board) LED for high brightness and color accuracy. The intuitive design of the light incorporates a rear LCD monitor and a dial with a 10-100% dimming adjustment. Also, to help ensure consistent and continuous use, a heatsink and built-in fan are featured to help regulate temperature along with a specialized temperature control function to protect the LED itself. The light is also configured to accept Bowens S-mount light modifiers and accessories, such as the included reflector, and the LED also has a clear cover over it for additional protection.

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