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Terms & Conditions


As we all know, the pandemic has hit hard, we have been trying to figure out solutions so that things can work smoothly for the client and us, and that is the reason we have made specific changes in our Terms and Conditions  

1. Collection:  We give the equipment one day before the shoot BETWEEN 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm, which needs to be collected from our office.

Any technical issue will not be consider as rental discount, it can be considered in case of hardware issue.
Equipment Check on Collection:  It will be the client's responsibility to check all the equipment before leaving our office. We shall take no claims or excuses for any damage or broken equipment once the equipment leaves our premises. 

2. Returns:   The equipment needs to be delivered back to our office the next day of your SHOOT DAY between 9.00 am to 12.00 noon, if the equipment comes back after 12.00 noon, we shall charge for one more day. For example, when shooting on 21st, you can collect the equipment on 20th between 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and Return it on 22nd between 9.00 am to 12.00noon.

Any delay in recurring on accessories will be charged Rs. 200/- per day. (Such as battery, charger, memory cards and cables etc.)
Equipment Check on Return:   The client must wait once they return the equipment and leave only once the 1SCD person checks the equipment. 

If the client leaves the premises before the confirmation from the 1SCD person and any damage found while checking client will have to agree with the damage, no questions asked.

3. Payment Terms:  
50% of the rental amount to block the equipment in advance and 50% before collecting the equipment.

We do not accept any booking without the advance received in our account.

Cash and Google pay payment is accepted. (Cheque is after realization of payment).

4. Deposit:  the client has to pay a small deposit amount of Rs.5000. or the per-day rental amount of the equipment, whichever is higher.


At the time of pick-up of equipment's 80%of MRP value of the products security cheque must be provided. Once you returned the equipment's the cheque will be returned.

5. Extension:  Once the equipment leaves for your shoot, Extensions in increasing your shoot days will only be allowed if there is no shoot for the equipment lined up for the next day and rental charges will be 1.5 the per day rental amount.

6. Penalty on extension:  If the client keeps the equipment without our prior confirmation, we shall charge an extra penalty for the same (which can be twice the per-day rental charge of the equipment)

7. Pre-registration:  

1. In case of individual registration any two documents (like: PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Aadhaar, Gas connection bill electricity bill, rent agreement valid date and government employee ID Card etc.) Only Mumbai documents is accepted. One passport size photo.


2. In case company registration any two documents (Like company pan card, list of directors on letter head of company, MOA, company electricity bill and water bill etc.)


3. Rs. 100/- cheque in favour of "1 STOP CINE DIGITAL PVT. LTD.".(Non-Refundable) {For the purpose of verification of signature and account activation.}

Rental service is for only Mumbai Customers. 

8. Cancelation Policy for booked equipment are as under: 
Before 5 days from pick up day – NIL
Before 4 days from pick up day – 10%
Before 3 days from pick up day – 20%
Before 2 days from pick up day – 30%
Before 1 day from pick up day  – 50%


Thank you

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