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Yidoblo E-1080 II

    • LIGHT X1
    • BAG X1
  • This Yidoblo Series LED study light adopt imported high-tech LED Tube with more than 30,000 hours life time and also with high efficiency, energy saving, minimize light loss Features. With LCD display to show the output power, color temperature channel adjustment, switch, also compatible with DMX512. With 2.4G wireless remote control, you can Adjust power, color temperature, 0 - 99 100 channel groups, A-F 6 Freely. It has four adjustable barn doors to protect the bulbs and enhance the effects of light. Two power supply mode, AC adapter Power supply and V-mount battery - Indoor to outdoor shooting source, color temperature 3200 - 5800 K adjustable. It is much more stable and of perfect product quality. Suitable for wedding photography, children photography, product photography, television, movies, full of indoor and outdoor video light.

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